Risk Assessments for Event Tech installations

Event Tech Risk Assessments can vary substantially between venues and events, with different hazards present and different teams of staff or freelancers operating event tech equipment.

However, regularly risk assessing event tech installations in new venues is repetitive, but must be performed accurately in order to properly protect staff and the public.

We know that businesses tend to use the same risk assessment for every job, or copy and paste the same assessment with minor changes to save time. This may mean that hazards specific to the venue, event or specific installation are not identified, and controls for those hazards are not put in place. This could risk the safety of your staff and the general public, and possibly render your Risk Assessment as questionable in the eyes of an auditor or insurer.

Event Tech firms need to consider a wide range of activities and hazards when performing Risk Assessments. These include aspects of Event Tech installations such as:

  • Driving vehicles to and from the venue, reversing and loading
  • Working at height
  • Siting of equipment in public thoroughfares or escape routes
  • Cable runs and electrical hazards
  • Safety of the public

RiskFly helps you to identify, assess and mitigate these hazards - and in a way that saves you time while making your Event Tech Risk Assessments more accurate.

The RiskFly application helps create event-specific Event Tech Risk Assessments quickly and easily, improving the quality of your assessments and documentation.

Screenshot of RiskFly, Risk Assessment software for the Audio, Visual and Live Event Production Industry

How RiskFly can help create better Event Tech Risk Assessments

Manage your tailored list of Event Tech or business-specific Activities and Hazards

The key to RiskFly is your library of activities and hazards. We know that many of your activities are the same at each event, so RiskFly allows you to keep a list of them which you can add to over time.

You only need to add an activity once, then you can use it in all or some of your future AV Risk Assessments. This gives you the power to re-use common activities, but also choose event or venue-specific activites and hazards to improve the accuracy and efficacy of your risk assessment.

Create job-specific Risk Assessments

As an Event Tech firm, you'll be installing equipment in different venues every day of the week, these may be operated by your core staff, freelancers, street teams or the general public.

Re-using the same risk assessment from job-to-job could leave your staff and the public at risk if new hazards are not identified, communicated and mitigated. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, a copy & pasted risk assessment may not pass muster in the eyes of an insurer. RiskFly allows you to create project-specific Event Tech Risk Assessments for each job more quickly.

You choose which existing activities and hazards are relavent to your job, and assess only these items. You can add activities or hazards specific to the job, too - and choose to save them back to your library.

Produce PDF Risk Assessment Documentation

RiskFly produces high-quality PDF documentation for you to download and store in your own systems - but RiskFly also forms an online library of your Risk Assessments for reference at any time.

The PDF Risk Assessment document that RiskFly produces include all the project details, your Method Statements, plus the Risk Assessment with colour-coded 'High', 'Medium' and 'Low' risk measurements, together with your scoring of the likelihood and severity of each hazard.

Share Risk Assessment Documentation by email

A risk assessment is only effective if it's communicated to all at-risk individuals, so that they can be aware of the hazards and take the identified mitigating actions.

With RiskFly you can share your completed risk assessments with other people at the click of a button - your installation and operation staff, venue managers or local authorities. You'll be able to see who's received the risk assessment and who's acknowledged that they've actually read it.

Get started with RiskFly now
  • Stop duplicating inaccurate Event Tech Risk Assessments from job to job
  • Improve the quality and relevance of each risk assessment
  • Reinforce a culture of safety and hazard awareness
  • Never hand-write a risk assessment or method statement again
  • Save time on every job
  • Empower staff to write risk assessments quickly and easily