How RiskFly improves your Event Production Risk Assessments

Performing Risk Assessments for live events, and acting on the hazard controls identified is a vital process in ensuring the safety of staff and the public.

Live events can be potentially hazardous environments, with heavy audio and lighting equipment at height, and electricity, noise, and large numbers of people.

However we know first hand how repetitive it can be assessing live events, especially when your audio or lighting hire business performs dozens of jobs each month, and many of the jobs are very similar in nature.

We've seen how businesses often use the same risk assessment for every job, or copy and paste the same assessment into new documentation to save time. This often means hazards specific to the event are not identified, and controls for those hazards are not put in place.

This could risk the safety of your staff and the general public, as well as rendering your Risk Assessment as questionable in the eyes of an auditor or insurer.

RiskFly helps create event-specific Risk Assessments quickly and easily, improving the quality of your assessments and documentation.

Your obligations for performing Risk Assessments for Live Events

The HSE publishes guidelines on how to perform Risk Assessments for the Audio-visual industry (a PDF is available here), and these guidelines explain your legal duties to ensure that a full risk assessment is undertaken for all activities under the control of the production, the appropriate controls are implemented for all identified risks and the significant findings of the assessment are recorded

"Under health and safety legislation, the ultimate responsibility for health and safety rests with the employers involved and the organisations in control of premises and facilities"

Health and Safety Executive

How RiskFly can help create better Risk Assessments

Manage a list of Activities and Hazards

At the core of RiskFly is your library of activities and hazards. We know that many of your activities are the same at each event, so we keep a list of them which you can add to over time.

You only need to add an activity once, then use it in all or some of your future Risk Assessments.

You can also choose to use RiskFly's preset lists of activities and hazards to get you started.

Create job-specific Risk Assessments

Whether your business is audio hire, lighting design or event production encompassing all aspects, RiskFly allows you to create project-specific Risk Assessments.

You choose which existing activities and hazards are relavent to your job, and assess only these items. You can add activities or hazards specific to the job, too - and choose to save them back to your library.

Produce PDF Risk Assessment Documentation

RiskFly produces high-quality PDF documentation for you to download and store in your own systems, or leave in RiskFly for reference at any time.
Screenshot of RiskFly, Risk Assessment software for the Audio, Visual and Live Event Production Industry

Get started with RiskFly now
  • Stop duplicating inaccurate Risk Assessments from job to job
  • Never hand-write a risk assessment or method statement again
  • Improve the quality and relevance of each risk assessment
  • Save time on every job
  • Reinforce a culture of safety and hazard awareness
  • Empower staff to write risk assessments quickly and easily